School Protocol

Please read the following guidelines and complete our waiver and bring a signed copy to your first class.

General Information

  • Enter the mat only with the professor's authorization.
  • Please call or email ahead to reserve your space in class.
  • Uniform Policy: Gi + Rash Guard underneath.
  • No Gi Classes: visitors & students are required to wear rash guard with shorts. T-shirts are not permissible.
  • Do not wear the same Gi for two classes in a row.

Mat Guidelines

  • Use respectful language and behavior, especially around minors. No curse/swear words allowed at the academy.
  • Before stepping foot on the mat, make sure to have your entire Gi on as well as a properly tightened belt.
  • Do not remove Gi tops or rash guards on the mat.
  • Make sure you take your shoes off before entering the mat.
  • Put shoes on immediately upon exiting the mat. This holds true even if you’re just going to the bathroom.
  • Keep fingers and toenails short and trimmed.
  • Always compliment your sparring partner and shake/touch hands before and after the roll.
  • Only apply as much force as needed. Never intentionally harm anyone.
  • Be on time to class. If you happen to arrive late, wait at the entrance to the mat till the instructor says it’s okay for you to join.
  • Refrain from chatting while the instructor is talking.
  • No cell phone on the mat during class.
  • No picture or video taping the classes.
  • No food or gum on the mat.
  • When the instructor assigns a task, continue doing that task until the instructor says otherwise. You can never drill a technique too many times
  • Have fun!